Little Things Terms and conditions:

 Placing your order:

Customers can either order directly from the website or via email.

To place your order via email, please email us at with the following:

  • Product code
  • Choice of colour
  • Quantity per product

Order is only officially placed once proof of payment of full invoiced amount has been received via email. Production will only start once this is confirmed.

 Colour options:

We have a lovely little range of colours to choose from!

You can choose any of the colours underneath:

Please be advised that the colors as shown on your screen or when printing may differ from the product itself. This is due to Computer screen, TV screens and printers that doesn’t show the colors all the same.

However this should not differ too much and the color of your product should come out very close to what you see on the screen.

Turnaround time:

The Little Things in life takes time…. Well, about 4 weeks to be exact!

We strive to give our clients the best quality hand-crafted products and therefore it takes a bit longer than factory products.

Please note that public holidays is not included in the lead-time as the workshop would be closed.

Little Things has the right to change the delivery and production times at any time due to popular demand or very busy seasons, so please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery. However we do our best to stay as close to the 4 weeks production time as possible.

Unfortunately no time frame for completion can be guaranteed, due to unforeseen incidents such as fabric delays or load shedding, which is completely out of our control.

 Understanding Hand crafted wooden furniture:

As stated on our website our furniture is hand-crafted and not factory-made.  Often customers are unaware of the nature of wood & the production process that is used to make wooden furniture. Understanding this will help you appreciate and enjoy the art of hand-crafted furniture more.

Each product is unique, because it’s not made by machines, but rather hand-crafted with lots of love and passion. Each product is put together by the craftsman, making it a work of art, rather than just a product in the production line. This gives each product it’s own characteristics with unique variations in the slight imperfections in the crafting by hand.

The use of small power tools rather than industrial machines, might cause small little cracks where the holes are drilled. However we do our best to minimize this and to make sure nothing is taken away from the product or its functionality. We carefully plan all our products so that small natural holes, screws and binding of wood shows mostly at the bottom where people won’t see it.

Handmade furniture has a deficiency of 15% compared to factory products, but nothing that takes away from the product or its functionality.

We make use of high quality wood.

All wood is capable of expanding and contracting due to humidity changes, which might sometimes cause surface checks or even slight cracks, often in the knots of the wood.

As it goes with wood there will always be grooves and small natural holes due to the natural grain of the wood, this is not holes we have made, or damage, this is the beauty of the wood itself.


Most of our products are hand painted and therefore not always as perfect as factory spray painted products. Industry standard is to expect a 15% deficiency in hand-crafted & hand-painted furniture.

Paint naturally “drips” to the bottom when you hand paint and there might be some drip marks every now and then, however we work very hard to minimize this.

Collection or Delivery:

Customers will receive an email when their order is done.

Customers can choose if they would like it to delivered to them via courier at a cost of R100 or they can arrange for collection.


We are situated in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town we will confirm collection address once we arrange a collection date.


We make use of Fastway Courier Services and the delivery is R100 with the purchase of a furniture product.

Clients are responsible to make sure that they do deliver to your area before your order is placed, by clicking on this link:

If your area is not listed, you are welcome to arrange for collection by another courier at your own cost.

We unfortunately do not take responsibility of any damages caused by Fastway or any other courier company. If damages occur due to delivery the client is responsible to put in a complaint/claim from the courier itself. Therefore, please do not sign delivery note without unwrapping & inspecting your furniture to ensure it has arrived in perfect condition.

We use the SA postal service to ship smaller items: we can not be held liable for delays on these products if there are strikes or any other situation caused by SA postal service, preventing the product from getting to you on time.

Repairs, exchanging or refunding of products:

All our products are made-to-order, therefore cancellation of orders are not permitted. Once payment has been received, the product will be booked in for production, so customers who cancel their order will forfeit their payment. Repairs, exchanging or refunding of products will only be considered if there is a manufacture defect or damage to a product received.

Please do not sign delivery note without unwrapping & inspecting your furniture to ensure it has arrived in perfect condition. As we may not be able to exchange or refund faulty items that have been signed for, especially if it was at fault of the couriers.

If there are any complaints or damage to your product caused by manufacturing defect, it must be reported via email within 3 days of signing for your products at Pleas provide us with photo’s to state your claim.

Upon inspection of your photos, if we agree that the products send to you is unacceptable we will arrange for collection of the damaged products by our courier company on our cost if delivery option was initially selected, otherwise the customer is responsible to deliver it back to our premises.

If customers do not get back to us with a response to our reply to their complaint within 3 days of receiving that email, we will assume the customer has changed their mind and any talk of returns will be cancelled.

Once we received the product we will try to fix the problem and repair it before any exchange is made. If we can’t repair it, we will exchange it for a new product with the exact same specifications as per original order. If we are unable to make an exchange, we will refund your money via EFT.

The customer has to repackage products as they have received it, otherwise we can’t accept the return, as more damage could have been caused while being transported. If we receive a returned parcel not correctly packaged, the customer then loses the right on return for repair, exchange or refund as mentioned above, and has to arrange for collection of that product at their own cost within 10 days, or we will have to get rid of the damaged product.